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August moon.

Autumn 2021 incoming and returning students were greeted with a fleet of self-piloting delivery robots bringing food and drink from OSU Food Service to destinations all over campus. The future is now.

Honey Cup Coffee at the SoHud Collective street market. Every weekend on the vacant lot at the corner of Summit and Hudson.

Masked Brutus Buckeye in the lobby of the Ross Heart Hospital 18 months after the pandemic began. 18 MONTHS.

Safe, highly effective vaccines have been available for all since Spring. For free. They even offered people cash to get it. 40-50% of the population resolutely refused and rejected science for right-wing nutso conspiracy theories, urban legends, Mark of the Beast bullshit, and tribalism.

"Horny Summer"--the expected blowout party of the century--fizzled in a fog of uncertainty and ambiguity. Herd immunity vanished as a possibility. None of us reckoned on how much a year apart had changed us, changed how we thought about people, and changed the people and the world we came back to. More than that, societal trust was broken. Anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, COVID scoffers, coup plotters, fascist terrorists, abusive and murderous cops all gave the sense that fellow citizens and institutions could not be trusted.

Just as we were maybe starting to get it figured out along came Delta. In August, a highly contagious variant of COVID began tearing through the US as Republican-led Southern and Midwestern states passed laws AGAINST public health measures and stoked anti-vaccine hysteria.

Here we stand in September with vaccinated people immune from serious COVID but able to spread it and the unvaccinated getting sick and dying in numbers not seen since the winter peak, overwhelming hospitals, providing opportunities for new strains to emerge, and endangering children who are susceptible to the Delta variant but not yet approved for vaccines. All unncessary.