February 20, 2019- Mirror Lake Hollow and Main Library beyond before dawn on a snowy February morning. Viewed from rear of old President's House.

February 20, 2019- Snowy very early morning looking up High St from E 12th.

March 2, 2019- "All are still welcome here." Maynard Ave United Methodist Chuch, 2350 Indianola Ave (established 1909), rejecting the anti-LGBT decisions of the February 2019 United Methodist General Conference in St. Louis MO.


Michigan Ave Market, SW corner of Michigan and 3rd in Harrison West to the south of the University District.. Circa 1990. Building is fancy coffee shop for hipsters now. I hear it's about to become a fancy craft brewery for hipsters next.

From 1950-95, this neighborhood was a rough-and-tumble, multigenerational, working-class, Appalachian enclave. Then came gentrification. A whole population was priced out of their homes. A community was scattered. Its stories forgotten. People there now neither know nor care who lived there before.

I worry about the same fate befalling our University District neighborhoods.