August 1, 2017- Couple enjoys Date Night at the 164th Ohio State Fair.

Seen in a dumpster pile during Student Moveout 2017. This poster of a 1997 photo from an ad to promote Pink Floyd's back catalog (Get it?) is Dude Bro Poster #1 and probably hangs in a third of the student residences in the University District.

132 E. Fifth Ave is a three-story brick building at the busy corner of E. 5th Ave. and Summit St. It was built in 1919. (No idea why the uppermost 5 feet is a slightly different color brick than the rest of the building.) Over the past 93 years, the ground floor has typically housed restaurants and bars while the upper two stories have been apartments. On the west (Summit St.) side of the building is a stairway leading down to a basement space that was a barber shop for many decades.

Little trace remains of any of the businesses that have called this spot home–except for the barber shop. At the top of the stairs is old, faded text advertising a “10¢ Shoe Shine.” Back in the day, a shoeshine was part of the service at any good barbershop. Last barber to occupy the spot was James Malloy back in the mid-1940s so the sign is at least 65 years old.