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C. 1910 view of north side of dance pavilion at Indianola Park, 1950 N. 4th St.

Dancing pavilion and pool at Indianola Park, 1950 N. 4th St., by moonlight, c. 1910 .

Crowd overlooks pool at Indianola Park, 1950 N. 4th St., c. 1910.

William Oxley Thompson statue by Erwin Frey at Main Library on The Ohio State University campus.

Ohio State Fair 2015

August 1, 2015- Moonrise on the midway at the 162nd Ohio State Fair.

Garden Theater, 1187 N. High, back when it was a strip joint in 1992. Note the Wayne's World reference.

In February 2012, North Campus Video, 2471 N. High St., open 24-7-365 for over a quarter-century, closed its doors. Last in the area.

Rising rents, Netflix, Redbox, video-on-demand, and piracy to blame. The once ubiquitous videostore has gone the way of the buggy whip and corset stay.Back in 1985, there were just 4 video rental shops in the city. By 1991, there were 61. The number peaked in 1999 with 71 videostores. By 2010, the number had fallen to just 49. By 2012, fewer than 10.

North Campus Video is remembered for its deep library of classics, art films, and cult movies, its colorful staff, and its capacious porn and adult novelty room.

Long-closed Mid America Beer Barn at 200 E. 5th Ave is a former Burger Boy Food-a-Rama. Burger Boy was a Columbus-based fast food franchise that expanded throughout Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky in the 1960s and 1970s .In addition to this one, there were two others on High St in the campus area. Chain folded in the late 1970s. This one's largely unchanged.

July 23, 2014- Symbols of Ohio, sculpted in butter, at the 161st Ohio State Fair.

January 14, 2014- Snowy intersection of 11th and High, viewed from 2nd floor of Barnes & Noble Ohio State Bookstore