The Student Move-Out 2019 prize-winner: Child's riding horse in leopard skin pajamas and bra with jewelry, magic wand, "Birthday Girl" sash, and funnel in head.


Line-up for the Ferris wheel at dusk on Opening Day of the 166th Ohio State Fair.

"Rocky Horror Hotel," a dark ride at the 166th Ohio State Fair.

Purple twilight at 166th Ohio State Fair.

Political posters in the neighborhood this summer addressing the many ails facing America this summer.


Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative pocket prairie on Silver Drive near Lowe's and Crew Stadium. A partnership of state, federal, and private agencies and organizations, the OHPI aims to "improve and create pollinator habitat in the state of Ohio."

They're baaaack! Student move-in helpers offering pizza to returning students and their families outside Park-Stradley. (Stay away from campus for at least the next two weeks.)