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Teens gathered at Dirty Dungaree's, laundromat, bar, and live music venue at 2584 N High St, for a hardcore show on a Saturday night in January 2024.

Foggy Lane Ave Bridge

Lane Ave Bridge on a foggy very early winter morning.

Sunning on the Orton erratic

Spring comes early these days. Students sunning themselves and sketching the Orton Hall Tower on the first weekend of March 2024. Artists are perched atop a 1-billion-year-old glacial errratic boulder recovered in 1905 near Waldeck and E 16th by Dr Edward Orton Jr. .Scraped off of the Canadian Shield and brought to Ohio by the Wisconsin glaciation.about 25,000 years ago.

Blossoms on Chittenden Ave

Blossoms already on Chittenden Ave and it's only the first week of March.

1913 Flood

Devastation in The Bottoms after the levee broke at 10 AM on March 25, 1913 and the waters of the Scioto--swollen by snowmelt and days of heavy rain--poured through. The flooding was Columbus' worst natural disaster ever. Here in the University District, the waters of the Olentangy flowed just yards from the rear of Townshend Hall and homes on W Woodruff were flooded to the second story.

Bar at Hounddog's Pizza

The bar at Hounddog's Pizza, 2657 N High St, on a Friday night in March. Buckeyes in the Big Ten basketball tournament on the TV.

Magnolia blossoms

First rays of the rising sun shine on the absolutely gorgeous magnolia at 1935 N 4th St in the Spring of 2024.

Flooded trail

A solitary girl walking through the cold, muddy waters on the flooded Olentangy Trail after heavy rains on April 2nd.