FLYING TOMATO (1985-98), 12 E 15th Ave- This small Champaign, Ilinois-based chain opened its Ohio State outpost in summer 1985 near 15th and High and immediately won a following among the nearby fraternities and sororities. Big covered porch out from was the favorite Greek hangout from April to November. Successful but folded in 1998 due to its parent company's financial difficulties.

Pizza was kind of a thick crusted, pretend Chicago-style pizza with too much cheese. Never really cared for it.

OSBORN CENTER, 1950 N. 4th St ()-

PAPA JOE'S (1970-1996)- Papa Joe's was the campus meat-market of the Seventies and Eighties, It was the place where freshmen, sophomores, and high school kids with fake I.D.s went to hook-up.

It was the archeytpe of campus bars. On Friday and Saturday nights, crowds lined up around the block to squeeze themselves inside. Police tied thick ropes to the lightpoles to keep tipsy revelers from falling in the street and getting run over. Beer was served in galvanized buckets. The toilets were indestructible metal prison toilets. Wrestlers and football players worked as bouncers but drunken 19-year-old boys got in fights regularly despite this. At the end of the night, the crew literally hosed the place down.

Pizza was pretty much an afterthought but it was actually pretty good.

PIZZA CITY, 265 W. 11th (1960-85)- Before there was Adriatico's, there was Pizza City.

SCARLATA AND GRAY- Scarlata and Gray first opened in the Ohio Union food court and then added a location in the Drake Union back when it was still a student union.

January 1986 directory of campus pizzerias from The Lantern.