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Tattered bloom

Last of summer. Late September at the Olentangy Wetlands.

Robots on the march

Q: What did one robot say to all the other robots Sunday morning? A:“Kill all humans.”

1920 Halloween Party

RPPC of Mary Repassy’s Halloween 🎃 Party, c 1920.

Autumn leaves

It's been a glorious autumn. haven't seen colors like this in a several years.

Student quarters, c 1910

C 1910 RPPC of student quarters at an Ohio university. Always so curious what the interiors of these old buildings looked like back in the day. Not sure if it’s Ohio State. Banners for OSU and Kenyon on the wall. A postcard that might be Orton Hall on the wall. Can’t believe these fellas are 18 to 22-years-old!

Oxley Hall c1910

Oxley Hall, the newly built women's dormitory. About 1908.

12-Foot Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton with LifeEyes

Home Depot 12-Foot Inferno Giant Pumpkin Skeleton with Life Eyes™ by Deadwaters proudly towering over our Halloween 2023 revels. The Home Depot 12-foot skeleton was the hit of Halloween in the plague year of 2020. In 2021, it was joined by a pumpkin-headed, fire-chested companion Inferno. Both have remained scarce and hard to find every since and are a prestige Halloween decoration. Not too many in the University District--but not zero.

Mirror Lake fall

Mirror Lake on a late afternoon in latest fall. In a couple weeks they'll drain it against a reurrence of the old Mirror Lake Jump tradition but right now it's red and gold and glorious.

Rotting jack-o'lanterns

There's something magical about the faces of rotting jack-o'lanterns and we see more than our share here in the neighborhood because Halloween decorations are fast to go up but very slow to come down.

Ruins of Drake Union

Demolition of the 51-year-old Drake Union began on November 5.

gateway Xmas tree

The Christmas tree in The Gateway is back this year! First time since before the pandemic!