Mirror Lake on a snowy December afternoon

Mirror Lake, looking west, on a snowy December afternoon in 2012.


May 28, 1910

No message.


Mirror Lake on a rainy spring night, looking west. Great atmosphere in this one. An island (There used to be islands.) is visible to the left.

Mailed to: COLUMBUS, OH (from ATHENS, OH)

September 13, 1910

Arrived all ok but I have the worst cold I have ever had. Will be all right in a few days.


This color image was made by an artist painting over a black-and-white photograph.

The artist took considerable liberties and really upped the colors so it practically qualifies as an original painting.

Mailed to: GALENA, OH

October 26, 1910

L___ alive but nervous. I saw the whole operation from start to finish...

Mailed to: PANDORA, OH

March 12, 1912

(To a former teacher) How are things at P.H.S.? Be sure and keep that brother of mine straight!


Slightly different version of a previous card.

I added because of the handwritten note: Where the Freshies get their initiation.

Until the mid-20th Century, freshmen were subject to being thrown into the lake by upperclassmen.


The Grotto and The Spring at Mirror Lake, c. 1910.


The Grotto and The Spring at Mirror Lake in unmailed c. 1913 postcard. New University Library is up on the hill.



August 18, 1913

Hope you are feeling better. It certainly is warm.


Quite a company enjoying the lake late on on a sunny afternoon. A couple ladies are having a picnic on the island. Don't know how they got out there. The object in the foreground is some sort of partially submerged flower planter.




September 9, 1913

This is beautiful and the University is very large... I'm having the loveliest time here and in Cincinnati.

Unusual long and narrow postcard. Panoramic view of the lake, grotto. islands, and hollow. Lovely tinting.

Mailed to: MARION, OH

April 1, 1914

Hope you will soon feel better. Am going home Saturday.







March 10, 1915

The B.P. bunch give their show at Jeromesville Sat. night and if the roads are not too bad and you want to go, we'll go up.


The artist who tinted this view of the lake and grotto seemed to be going for fall colors.





Two beauties posing by The Grotto at Mirror Lake in the summer of 1989.